• Energy for a Cause Inc.

    Annual Benefit report - 2016

  • About Our Company


    To change the way the world sees and uses energy – by converting energy usage into a force for good.


    • Do Good​ - This is why we wake up each day. We are built on a foundation of leaving the world better.
    • Be Open​ - We are not a company without our customers or team. Therefore we will always be transparent and truthful.
    • Stay True​ - We are never locked into a position or mindset, other than to never compromise our ethics for profit.
    • Keep Evolving​ - We strive to put our team in a position to innovate, be more and to find joy in what they do each day.
  • A Year of Development

    2016 had its ups and downs

    Incorporating as a Benefit corporation

    On March 4th, 2016 we incorporated Energy for a Cause. Our business is based on purpose, so we knew the best way to show this was to hold ourselves accountable to the public. So we incorporated as a Benefit Corporation in the State of Florida.

    Giving model

    We looked into over 100 nonprofits when deciding which 3 we would share our revenue with. After narrowing the search down to 10, we interviewed them and did a deeper dive into their work. And we are now happy to say we have selected 3 amazing organizations that not only we believe in as a company but we feel will be important to our customers.


    We spent the greater part of 2016 sourcing the right developers and retail energy partners to align ourselves with. By the end of 2016, we settled on our go to market energy supply partners and also hired a team of developers to bring Energy for a Cause to life.

  • Impact

    Social Impact

    We selected three organizations to receive 9% of our annual revenue - charity: water, operation underground railroad, & veterans.

    Environmental Impact

    We have committed 1% of our annual revenue to the environment by becoming a member of 1% for the Planet.

    Power to give

    We developed a marketing program that generates unrestricted sustainable funding for non-profits and schools.

  • Letter from the CEO

    Energy for a Cause Inc. was incorporated March 4th, 2016 as a Florida Benefit Corporation, with a mission to change the way the world sees and uses energy - by converting energy usage into a force for good. Simply put, when an individual or business uses energy, they will be creating real charitable dollars for organizations that are making a positive social and environmental impact in the world.


    Having been in the business world and nonprofit world for all of my adult life, I learned early on that there was a major disconnect between the two and how they functioned. So I set out to change this by bringing the two worlds together, so when one would prosper so would the other. I wanted a company that was driven by purpose, not profit.


    2016 was spent speaking with developers, retail energy suppliers, and nonprofit organizations in order to turn the idea into reality. We were faced with challenges from all directions but by the close of 2016, we finally solidified the right developers, great energy partners and inspiring nonprofits that would bring Energy for a Cause to life.


    We are proud to be a Benefit Corporation and very much looking forward to bringing about social and environmental change.


    Official launch coming the summer of 2017.


    Christoper Perry - CEO

  • Where to Next

    Join us in 2017

    September 2017 Launch

    2016 was quite a journey and we are now poised to "change the way the world sees and uses energy" fall of 2017.

    Parnterships Goals

    We are eager to establish new partners every month - individuals, schools, for-profit and non-profit.

    Impact Goals

    Our goal is to increase our financial impact to our nonprofit partners month over month.